Distinctions and awards teachers

                                                                          Distinctions and awards for 2015/2016 academic year


  • Pasichna T. V. – received a Charter for the organization and holding of championship of Ukraine from the Ministry of youth and sports of Ukraine and the Federation of Ukraine in sports aerobics and fitness
  • in addition, Pasichna Tetiana received the State prize: “On the payment of cash rewards to athletes-winners of the European championship in sports aerobics among adults and their coaches”. Date of receipt 08.12.2015

16 teachers received the Thanks of the rector of NTUU "KPI":

  • Grin Andrei Romanovich (football)
  • Denbnovetsky Leonid Vladimirovich (Rugby)
  • Dyakova Oksana V.(archery)
  • Zapolski Dmitry Petrovich (Boxing, kickboxing)
  • Kazarina Olga Andreevna (volleyball),
  • Krivenda Vyacheslav Sergeevich (Rugby),
  • Kuzenkov Oleg Viktorovich (basketball)
  • Latyshev Evgeny Nikolaevich (rowing),
  • Luskan Oleg Yur.(soccer)
  • Murawski Leonid Vladimirovich ( triathlon)
  • Pasichna Tetiana V.(sports aerobics),
  • Sabirov Alexander М. (Rugby)
  • Tomashevsky Dmitry Vladimirovich (volleyball),
  • Uskova Svetlana M. (orienteering),
  • Ustymenko Grigory Alexandrovich (basketball)
  • Feinberg Boris Abramovich (football).

Promote the level of district, city, departments, ministries has received 4 teacher of our Department:

  • grin A. G. was awarded; the name of the authority – FASK and FFK .
  • Zhuravlev S. A. , Oh, V. S., was twice awarded the Football Assocat of Students of Kiev (FASK 2015 and 2016),
  • Mohonko A. D. received the Diploma from FASK.