The best teams 2017/2018 school year

эмблема каф2Іnfo on the Department of Sports Improvement

 Generalized information on the scientific and professional activities of the unit.The Department of FBMI is a general university student, conducts practical classes and lectures on physical education with students of all faculties of NTUU "KPI named after Igor Sikorsky" of the first and other courses with the total number of about 8000 people, and works with college teams of the university, which also deals with senior.

      In the composition of the pedagogical and teaching auxiliary staff of the department (the number of staff of the faculty-38 persons) there are 6 assistant professors, candidates of pedagogical sciences, 2 Honored trainer of Ukraine, 1 Master of Sports of the USSR of international class, 1 Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine, 12 masters of sports.

 Scientific work. For the 2017/2018 academic period, the department has 7 professional articles; 21 articles included in the science-based databases (Index Copernicus, Web of sciense); one monograph; foreign articles - 8.


журнали Participation in international conferences:

Russia:Philosophy of science"#5(2)\Volume 83."The University of Chicago Press",december 2016.P.; ,Научный журнал "Pyxis",1 международная конференция "Наука современности "достижения,открытия,исследования",Санкт-Петербург,август 2016г; "ISI-journal" Сборник статей "Международные научные исследования" по материалам ІХ международной научно-практичной конференции:"проблемы и перспективы современной науки",Ч.2, Москва,08.2016.;

Przemysl, Poland, XIII Miedzynarodowey Naukowi-Praktycznej Konferencji "Wyksztalcenie i nauka bez granic ". 07-15.12.2016 roku, Tom 7, Fizyczna kultura i sport. Nauka i studia. Przemysl. 2016.; XIII Miedzynarodowa Naukowa-Praktyczna Konferencia "Naukowa mysl informacyjnej powieki - 2017". 07-15 marca 2017 roku - Przemysl;

Oxford;Sheffield, : The XV international Academic Congress "Fundamental and Applied Studies in the Morden World",United Kingdom,Oxford,06-08 September,2016; XIII International research and practice conference "Science without borders" 30.03-07.04.2017, Volume 11. Physical culture and sport. Sheffield. Science and education LTD. 2017; XII international research and praktice conference:fundamental and applied science - 2016/ Volume 10. Sheffield:science and education ltd – 2016; XII International research and practice conference "Fundamental and applied science-2016" 30.10 - 07.11.2016., VOLUME 10, Physical culture and sport. Philosophy. Sheffield. Science and education LTD. 2016.   information in ela.kpi conference Articles in scientific journals

Prague, Czech Republic: ХІII Mezinarodni Vedecko-prakticka konference "MODERNI VYMOZENOSTI VEDY-2017",27.01.2017 -05.02.2017 , Dil 6, Filologie.Telesne kultury a sport. Psychologie a sociolologie. Publishing House "Education and Science",Praha;

медобсл Assessment of physical preparedness of students:
Assessment of the physical fitness of 1-2-year students, in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated December 9, 2015, No. 1045 "On Approval of the Procedure for conducting an annual assessment of the physical preparedness of the population of Ukraine"