волейбол игра


Game room number 2, right wing, second floor TSFVS


Dmitry V. Tomaszewski, Senior Lecturer (women's team of classical and beach volleyball);

Kazarina Olga A., teacher (male team of classic and beach volleyball).


  •  Advances in recent years of our volleyball players :
  • 2008 - III place in the 3rd round of the highest student league of Ukrainian Championship, Chernovtsy; 2008 - fifth place in Championship of Kiev in volleyball;
  • 2010 - second place in higher student volleyball league of Ukraine;
  • 2011 - second place in higher student volleyball league of Ukraine;
  • 2012 - Fourth place in the II - IV rounds of the highest student league of Ukraine.
  • Beach volleyball was actively popularized since 1999. University teams participate in all events of the city. Teams have won many victories in the amateur level.

      The results of the 2015/2016 academic year:

    1. Team volleyball-polytechnics always competed in the Championships of Kiev, but the men's team managed to become champion for the first time in 25 years. Without a single game held the student's championship of Kiev team of men. Team "Kiev Politechnic-1" -2015/2016 champion among the universities of Kiev!Performed adequately and the second team KPI in his first season. Balabolit "Kyivska Polytechnika-2" in competition of student volleyball League took 5th place in the competition CSWL they were seventh out of 18 teams.
    2. The TEAM of NTUU "KPI" – bronze prize-winners of the STUDENT VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE KIEV!
    3. In addition, Club-Indoor Volleyball League (CSVL) povodit Campionati Kiev is Nicolini team of the capital. Our teams of students quite successfully worked at the site, both based Kyiv Polytechnic " - division 1, "Kyiv Politekhnik-2", division 4) won the 7th place among professionals.

    Sports Achievements in the 2016/2017 academic year

    - Universiade among high school volleyball (men); Team team 1 place; Start date of the competition - March 15, 2017;
    - Universiade of Kiev on volleyball (women); Team team 1 place; Start date of the competition - 15.03.2017.
    -Champion of Ukraine: Zhuchinsky Alexander, Kibenko Vitaliy; Date of 04/06/2017.

    Волейбол сборная 2017 победитель 2 див     Волей сб муж     Вол капитан ж

    Sports Achievements in the 2017/2018 academic year

    Teacher Tomashevsky D.V.

    - Volleyball team team (men); Spartakiada of Kiev, prize-winning place - 1.

    The new successes of athletes and teams of the university can be found on the pages of the Ukrainian version