Swimming pool, 2nd floor TSFVS


Dementyev Anatoly S., Honored Coach of Ukraine

 Rudenko G.A., teacher

For many years he prepares athletes for swimming competition in our university. Over the years produced four WCMS and twenty one masters of sports in swimming, champions of the USSR and Ukraine. Meanwhile the new generation of athletes protects the honor of university.

Zhuk Roman, Orekhov Artem, the master of sports in swimming, repeated winners of Ukrainian Championship and international competitions. In 2012 and 2013 were the prizewinners at Sports Student Games in Kiev.

Artem Artemov, the candidate to become a master of sports in swimming, was a prize-winner of the Kiev city swimming competitions .

Struk Maxim the candidate to become a master of sports in swimming too, has participated in international competitions and was become the prize-winner.

Davydyuk Oleg won the title of Champion of the region, has been the finalist for the Championship of Ukraine in swimming.

Salnykova Yana was third at 3 Sport Student Games in Kiev among universities..

Achievements 2016:

IV STUDENT SPORT GAMES in Kyiv (15 April 2016) swimming, both teams of our University, male and female, took second place in the medley relay 4x50 meters.

Results 2017/2018 academic year:

teacher Rudenko G.A.

-Chmeruk Olga (FIOT gr. IС-73); Sports: - Swimming; city competitions; prize place – 3.

-Sports: - Swimming; city competitions; prize-winner of the KPI team - 3
-Perezetsky Vadim (FEL gr. DV-p71); Sports: - Swimming; city competitions; without a prize place.