The educational process

1.Students at will choose an appropriate educational branch of the sport. Classes are held with students 1 and 2 courses twice a week. The classes in physical education students receive applied knowledge, skills and abilities of the chosen sport. In addition, students are taught the course material on the theory and methodology of physical education and recreation of man in the form of lectures and discussions.

2.The most important tasks for improving students sports is providing opportunities for classes at the university sports clubs and national teams of the University, defending successful teams in competition at various levels, from the championship of Kyiv to international competitions. Classes are held in accordance with the training plan to prepare teams of the appropriate sport.

3. Students with health disorders get involved in special research-based techniques for special medical ward of our department (special medical groups, SMG). 

4. The department of sports improvement, together with the Department of Physical Education organizes and carries out mass sports work on the faculties of "KPI": 
-conducting various levels of competition in sports, both personal and between departments of the "KPI"; 
 -conduct "KPI" sports day;

5. Combined university teams take part in various competitions and are known for their achievements in the championships in Kiev, Ukraine, Europe and around the world (information about the achievements in the past five years - on the pages of sport types).

In 2014, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine together with the Committee of Physical Education and Sports, Sports Students' Union of Ukraine decided to hold national festival of team sports among students. The Ukrainian Festival does include playing such sports as badminton, basketball, volleyball and beach classic, handball, rugby-7, tennis, ping pong, football, foot room, and academic rowing.

Competitions on the other sports will be held within the confines of the Ukraine Championship. We wish the University Team and the members of the new team to win the competition and lots of personal achievements!

We wish them to become a part of the national teams of Ukraine in the World Cup and among the European students!

Responsible for providing information head of the department Novitsky Yu.V.