Fighting sports



Hall of fighting and boxing, right wing, № 133 TSFVS


Ageev Pavel, Senior Lecturer

Saienko Sergey , Senior Lecturer

Types of fighting sports: free, Greco-Roman wrestling, judo, sambo, wrestling " Alish " dogfight.

Saienko S. : During the period of work in "KPI" prepared the master of sports of international class Nikitchenko Andrew, two masters of sport - Lytvynchuk Valentine, Andrew Shpak, one candidate master of sports - Borovets Sergei, who took prizes in international competitions in Greco- Roman wrestling. Student Proskura Sergei was a member of the national team of Ukraine, repeated winner of the international tournament in Greco- Roman wrestling. Students Shpak A. Lytvynchuk V., V. Muzhetskyy, Borovets, S., A. Poltavtsev, Shemet A., I. Gamaiun prize winners have won a number of urban and international competition in Greco- Roman wrestling.


Since 2006, the University under the guidance of senior teacher Aheyeva Pavel Nikolayevich and senior lecturer Saienko Sergei Alekseevich began its development of a new kind of struggle - " Alish " (wrestling on belts), in which the university students have won the title of European champion and vice-champion of Europe in certain types of fighting sports. In 2008 Ageev P.V. was the progenitor of fighting in the university.

The students participated and were winners of many competitions, such as (last five years):

Universiades of Ukraine (Kiev 3.11.2010) Championship of Ukraine (Kiev, 17.04.2010 ) II Outdoor games among universities Iv-III, Kiev ( 17.03.2010 ) European Championship (Minsk, 27 - 29.11.2010 ) Games of the Kiev among students ( 25.03.2009 ) Championship of Kiev ( 5-6.02.2008 ) Sambo Championships Kiev among students ( 17.04.2008 ) Championship of Ukraine Greco- Roman wrestling ( Mukachevo,18 -20 .04.2008 ) International tournament " Kiev Sabantuy " (Kiev, 06.06.2008 ) International tournament of Greco-Roman wrestling (Istanbul, 2008)., and many others.

2013 was rich on competition and success: Sambo Universiades in Kiev, World Asian Games of martial arts in m.Hoshemin, Vietnam, XI Summer Universiade Belt Wrestling " Alish " in Kiev; Ukraine Championship Belt Wrestling " Alish " (Kiev ) Student judo Kiev, Kiev Student sambo, Ukrainian Sambo Championship among Juniors 1993-94 (Sevastopol), Kiev Open Cup in combat sambo and others. (Coaches Ageev PM, Saienko SV).


All-Ukrainian competition for the President's Cup VFTB on wrestling on belts Alysh; Location: Ukraine, Kyiv date - 04.01.2015:

- Nikitchenko Andrey Nikolaevich; a Prize № - 1

All-Ukrainian tournament on prizes of the rector of the NPU ei. M. P. Dragomanov on wrestling on belts Alysh; Location: Ukraine, Kyiv date - 05.01.2015):

- Nikitchenko Andrey Nikolaevich; a Prize № - 1

The World Cup of wrestling "Surana"; Location - Dushanbe (Tajikistan); date - 23.02.2015:

- Nikitchenko Andrey Nikolaevich; a Prize № - 3

The European Cup in wrestling on belts "Alysh"; Venue - Minsk (Belarus); date - 31.03.2015:

- Nikitchenko Andrey Nikolaevich; a Prize № - 1


 Results 2016.

 IV of the Student sport games in Kyiv and the city championship among students of higher educational institutions (University, Academy, Institute):

team Colovic won second place.

women  team of the National technical University " Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» with a score of 190 points took the third place.

the Kiev championship among students of judo; date - 20.04.2016;

- the team of NTUU "KPI" in judo; the Prize № - 2

- Bass Sergei; a Prize № - 1

- Igor Podgursky; Prize No. 2

- Babenko Maxim; a Prize № - 2

- Hasbergen Rasul; the Prize № - 2

- Smolchenko Dmitry; the Prize № - 3

 the Open championship of Kiev on struggle of Sambo-wrestling among juniors; the date is 05.12.2015;

- Dovzhik, Dmitry; the Prize № - 1

Sports Achievements in the 2016/2017 academic year:

- Universiada of Ukraine: Bondar Timothy - 3 place; Date 04.05.2017
- Championship of Ukraine: Zevilev Igor - 1 place; Date of 28.10.2016
- Universiade of Ukraine: Zevilev Igor -2 place; Date 04.05.2017
- Championship of Ukraine: Zevilev Igor - 2 place; Date of 17.03.2017
- Championship of Ukraine: Zevilev Igor - 2 place; Date 02.02.2017
- Championship of Ukraine: Shulikov Dmytro - 2 place; The date of 19.02.2017