Boxing, kickboxing

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Hall of fighting and boxing, right wing TSFVS, № 133


Zapolzkiy Dmitry Petrovich , Senior teacher

Coach Zapolzkiy DP has organized and conducted the Championship of Ukraine in Boxing and Kickboxing in Kiev among student teams and other competitions. He organizes training seminars for professionals in boxing and kickboxing in 4 four areas: sports rehabilitation, improving judicial training, improving coaching skills, improving organizational work in boxing and kickboxing. In 2002 he founded the International YouthOrganization "International Association of Boxing and Kickboxing "Nove Suziy’ya", under which regularly hosts student competitions in boxing and kickboxing and other competitions aimed at the development of these sports activity.

Students of NTUU "KPI" became champions and prizewinners of championships of Ukraine, Europe and World Kickboxing and Boxing.

For example, in 2013

  • on the Association Championships "Nove Suziy’ya" (third round) in Kiev prizewinners and winners: Semenenko Anton, Valery Babanov, Pukas Vitali;
  • at the Open Championship of Ukraine among youth in Kiev (1-3.03.2013) winners were: Maxim Chernobay, Pivtorak Andrew, Simonko Denis, Bogdan Dakhno, Pastecki Victor.
  • 2014 рік At the Open Championship of Ukraine among students in Kiev (1-3.03.2013) prizewinners were: Maxim Chernobay, Pivtorak Andrew Symonko Denis Dahno Bogdan Pasenytskyy Victor.

    The results of the 2015/2016 academic year

    The championship of Kiev among students of judo; date - 20.04.2016;

    -Team of NTUU "KPI" in judo; the Prize № - 2-

    -Bass Sergei; a Prize № - 1

    - Igor Podgursky; the Prize №

    - 2 - Babenko Maxim; a Prize № - 2

    - Hasbergen Rasul; the Prize № - 2

    - Smolchenko Dmitry; the Prize № - 3

    Open championship of Kiev on struggle of Sambo-wrestling among juniors; the date is 05.12.2015; - Dmitry Dovzhik; the Prize № - 1.

    Sports Achievements in the 2016/2017 academic year

    -Championship of Ukraine: Humenyuk Ruslan - III place; Date of 28.04.2017.
    -Champion of Ukraine: Lyaskovych Vladislav - I  place; Date of 01.04.2017.
    -Championship of Ukraine: Lyaskovych Vladislav - I  place; Date on April 2, 2017.
    -Championship of Ukraine: Lyaskovych Vladislav - III -place; Date of 01.04.2017.